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Abstract drawing of graphs

Modeling Bach With Finite State Machines and Markov Chains

3 May 2024

Generating music doesn't have to require nerual nets and massive amounts of compute.

Illustration of the tower of Babel

Multilingual Pretraining for Machine Translation

29 April 2024

The data that language models are pretrained on effects the models' downstream performance. I test how pre-training on multiple languages helps or hinders machine translation.

Abstract drawing of graphs

Bayesian Reasoning With Large Language Models

25 April 2024

Language models exhibit human cognitive biases in their reasoning. To what extent to they mirror people and can these biases be corrected?

Painting of a robot playing the piano.

Modeling Music With Language Models

21 December 2023

We've used Language Models in a variety of ways. Now we try to use them to model something other than language.

Bubble diagram showing language model sizes.

Training Tiny Language Models from Scratch

17 November 2023

How small can a Language Model be and still generate coherent text? To find out, I train a pair of Language Models from the ground up.

My Ghost Kitchen Reinforcement Learning Environment.

Training a Ghost to Cook

27 October 2023

I trained a ghost to cook fall treats using Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Task description from News Unmasked website.

Third Place at FGVC

25 September 2023

Over the summer I came in third place at a computer vision competition at an academic conference.

Piano sheet music of the song I wrote.

I Wrote a Meme Song

29 August 2023

I (kinda) wrote a meme song a year ago and forgot to write a blog post about it until now.

Chrono Chaos Gameplay

Chrono Chaos

29 April 2023

I fulfilled a childhood dream and made my own video game from scratch.

grid with AI-generated pictures of me

Personalizing Stable Diffusion Unsing Dreambooth

21 November 2022

Dreambooth allows you to fine-tune image generation models quickly with minimal data. I gice it a shot.

Picture of an old dictionary.

LDS History Word Vectors

25 September 2022

Are dictionaries the best tool for discovering word meanings? Maybe not. We explore a tool that lets us look at word meanings in a historical context.

Picture of an pie chart.

Color pAI: Classifying Magic cards with BERT

27 August 2022

Magic game designers claim that different colored cards have distinct gameplay mechanics. Can we train BERT to learn the relationship between card colors and card text?

Modern English to Middle English Translator Interface.

                        The input is:
                        If it had not been for Cotton-Eye Joe, I'd been married long time ago
                        Where did you come from, where did you go?
                        Where did you come from, Cotton-Eye Joe?
                        The output is:
                        If it nere for Cotton-Eyen Joe, I sholde been wedded yoore
                        Where camest thou fro, where wentest thou?
                        Where camest thou fro, Cotton-Eyen Joe?

English to Middle English Translator

11 August 2022

Have you ever wanted a neural Machine Translation system to turn your text into 1300's English? Look no further.

AI-generated grid of abstract virtual pet icons

VirtualPet Dream

2 August 2022

I trained a Denoising Diffusion model to generate new virtual pets. How did I do it and how does it work?

Magic: the Gathering Card: Tishana, voice of thuner

Creating Magic Cards Part 2: Creature Types

10 July 2022

We get down to brass tacks, write some code, and start the project.

AI-generated image of Tinky Winky, with a background reminiscent of Hieronymus Bosch's work

Testing Dall-e Mini

20 June 2022

Dall-e Mini has taken the internet by storm. Its capabilities are impressive, but what are its limitations?


Introducing the Semantic Bible Map

13 June 2022

I graphed every single verse of the Bible based on meaning.

word scramble puzzle

Saving My Mom's Baby Shower in 10 Lines of Python

20 May 2022

How I solved a seemingly impossible word scramble puzzle.

Magic: the Gathering land cards

Generating Magic Cards Using AI Part 1

30 March 2022

I'm trying to create Magic: the Gathering cards using AI. What will that entail?

journal with fountain pen

AI-Driven Poetry Generation

18 February 2022

Can modern language models generate poetry that passes the Turing test? Let's find out.