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grid with aI-generated pictures of me

Personalizing Stable Diffusion Unsing Dreambooth

21 November 2022

Dreambooth allows you to fine-tune image generation models quickly with minimal data. I try it out.

Picture of an old dictionary.

LDS History Word Vectors

25 September 2022

Are dictionaries the best tool for discovering word meanings? Maybe not. We explore a tool that lets us look at word meanings in an early Mormon context.

Modern English to Middle English Translator Interface.

                    The input is:
                    If it had not been for Cotton-Eye Joe, I'd been married long time ago
                    Where did you come from, where did you go?
                    Where did you come from, Cotton-Eye Joe?
                    The output is:
                    If it nere for Cotton-Eyen Joe, I sholde been wedded yoore
                    Where camest thou fro, where wentest thou?
                    Where camest thou fro, Cotton-Eyen Joe?

English to Middle English Translator

11 August 2022

Have you ever wanted a neural Machine Translation system to turn your text into 1300's English? Look no further.

AI-generated grid of abstract virtual pet icons

VirtualPet Dream

2 August 2022

I trained a Denoising Diffusion model to generate new virtual pets. How did I do it and how does it work?

Magic: the Gathering Card: Tishana, voice of thuner

Creating Magic Cards Part 2: Creature Types

10 July 2022

We get down to brass tacks, write some code, and start the project.

AI-generated image of Tinky Winky, with a background reminiscent of Hieronymus Bosch's work

Testing Dall-e Mini

20 June 2022

Dall-e Mini has taken the internet by storm. Its capabilities are impressive, but what are its limitations?


Introducing the Semantic Bible Map

13 June 2022

I graphed every single verse of the Bible based on meaning.

word scramble puzzle

Saving My Mom's Baby Shower in 10 Lines of Python

20 May 2022

How I solved a seemingly impossible word scramble puzzle.

Magic: the Gathering land cards

Creating Magic Cards Using AI

30 March 2022

I'm trying to create Magic: the Gathering cards using AI. What will that entail?

journal with fountain pen

AI-Driven Poetry Generation

18 February 2022

Can modern language models generate poetry that passes the Turing test? Let's find out.