I wrote this song about a year ago but never got around to posting it.

There's a trend on the internet where people remix classical songs with bits of popular songs, or songs with internet fame due to being used in memes. I wanted to try writing one. I picked a well-known song, Dance of the Sugar Plum Faries by Tchaikovsky. Thankfully, old songs are all in the public domain (which is probably why they're used in this trend). I downloaded a midi file, imported it into MuseScore and was off to the races.

The next step was choosing a bunch of famous songs I could slip into the piece, and figuring out where they sounded natural. I did a lot of searches for things like "meme song compilation" and "popular meme songs". It took me a while to figure it out, but I eventually put a list together and slotted them into the piece. I tried to make it so the whole song was playable with two hands, but I failed for the last sample. At that point, I was feeling pretty done with the project, so I just added a note in the score.

I used MuseScore to generate the music (I didn't play it myself, sorry), and used Shotcut (a free video editor) to pop the relevant music on the screen at the right time. It was a pretty quick project, and I was very proud of the (admittedly stupid) results.

Can you identify all the samples?

If for some reason you want to try and play this yourself, you can find the sheet music here.